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How to buy a pair of inline skates?

How to buy a pair of inline skates? Inline skating is a lot of fun as long as your skates are comfortable and they fit well. I know a lot of people who have complained of numb arches and toes because of a pair of ill-fitting inline skates, but I can honestly say the new …

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How to buy roller blades in the right size?

How to buy inline skates in the right size?   When you are buying roller skates, it is important to buy the right size. If your roller skates are too big or too small, your feet will be uncomfortable and you will not have the same amount of control that you would have in a …

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Calories burned and muscles used while rollerblading

Calories burned and muscles used while rollerskating.   Rollerskating, or inline skating, is a great exercise it’s physically challenging but also fun. An intense workout on your roller blades can burn almost as many calories as running.

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How to get bearings out of rollerblade wheels?

How to get bearings out of roller skate wheels? Inline skate bearings are located between the wheels and the axles. The bearings wear out over time and may need to be replaced, though the more expensive, high-quality bearings may actually outlast the rest of the skate. Bearings must also be removed to be lubricated and …

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How to adjust rollerblade size

How to adjust roller skate size? Push-Button Adjustments Most recreational children’s skates adjust with a simple push-button mechanism, which you should only use when the skates are off your child’s feet. Press in on the adjustment button or tab that’s located near the sole of each skate boot, then pull the front of the boot …

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Inline vs quad roller skates

Inline vs quad roller skates. One of the first decisions new skaters need to make is which type of skates to choose. You’ll find a wide variety of styles designed for different purposes. Upon visiting your local sports shop you may feel overwhelmed with all the choices, and it can be difficult to figure out …

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how to clean rollerblade bearings

How to clean roller skate bearings? Dirt and other debris builds up inside rollerblade wheel bearings between the protective shields or seals, ball bearings and crown–and the oil inside the bearings thickens. As the thickened oil can’t lubricate the ball bearings properly, the bearings malfunction and the rollerblade wheels roll less smoothly across surfaces and …

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How to make a roller skate ankle strap?

How to make a roller skate ankle strap? Roller skates, inline or quad, use laces, ratchet straps and Velcro to adjust and tighten around ankles, calves and feet. If you have a pair of skates and need extra support, make a set of ankle straps that go on and off quickly and with little fuss. …

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