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Have you made these beginner inline skating mistakes

Have you made these beginner inline skating mistakes? Everyone was a beginner at something one time or another, and although the learning curve can be steep for some sports, inline skating is an easy activity to pick up and excel at. Just make sure you don’t make these beginner mistakes and you’ll be on a …

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Quick tips for a skating experience

Quick tips for a skating experience. Skating to Get Fit or Stay Fit. Skating for fitness is the reason why many people choose to skate. Which, by the way, is a really great reason!

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The manufacturing process of roller blades

The manufacturing process of roller blades Separate companies worldwide manufacture the individual in-line skate components. For example, manufacturers of skate-board wheels also make in-line skate wheels. Another company makes the boot shell and chassis; another manufacturer provides the braking system. In-line skates are manufactured using an assembly line process whereby all components move down a …

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Shoe and skate sizes in children

Shoe and skate sizes in children. Purchasing shoes and skates for growing children can be difficult because they outgrow footwear a lot more quickly than adults. Following a few simple steps, parents can try to maximize the lifespan of their children’s shoes and skates by measuring their children’s feet correctly and ordering the appropriate sizes. …

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How to remove roller skate brakes

How to remove roller skate brakes? Many inline skates are equipped with rear brakes. Brakes are good for beginners and fitness skating, but they hamper trick skating and are often prohibited in hockey. It may be a better value to buy standard skates and remove the brakes than to purchase specialized skates that don’t include …

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Difference in rollerskate bearings

Difference in rollerskates bearings. Although they might be overlooked by the average recreational rollerskater, bearings are an integral part of inline skates. Choosing the right type is key to getting the best performance out of your skates.

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how to loosen roller skate wheels

How to loosen roller skate wheels? Loosening roller skate wheels, or tightening them, is a simple job. Roller skates consist of a boot attached to a “truck” that contains four wheels with ball bearings.

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How to stop on rollerskates?

How to stop on rollerskates? Rollerblading can be a fun sport and hobby. It also can be great exercise. You must take precautions and use the correct skills when rollerskating so that you don’t get hurt. By trying a few practice moves and some repetition, you can learn how to skate on rollerskates and also …

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