How to stop on rollerskating without brakes?

In the world of inline skating, being able to skate fast or turn quickly takes a back seat to the most important skill of all — stopping quickly and safely when faced with an obstacle. Most recreational skates come with a heel stopper you can use to brake, but if you don’t like using the heel stopper you can learn another easy stopping technique called the T-stop.


How to stop on rollerskates without brakes:

The T-Stop
To perform the T-stop, bend both knees and put all your weight on your front foot. Hold your back skate behind you, an inch or two off the ground, positioned perpendicular to your front foot so the two skates make an “L” shape. Very gently touch the ground with every wheel on the back skate at the same time, slowly increasing the pressure on the back skate until you bring yourself to a full stop. This stopping method will wear down the inside edge of the wheels on your back skate, so you’ll need to rotate your wheels periodically and keep an eye out for the unsteadiness, slipping or fragility that signals it’s time to replace them.

More Advanced Techniques
If you’re racing, doing tricks or playing roller hockey, your skates probably don’t have a heel stopper at all — and the T-stop probably won’t work fast enough to meet your needs. In that case you’ll want to work up to more advanced stopping techniques like the hockey stop and the power slide.


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