How to stop on rollerskates?

Rollerblading can be a fun sport and hobby. It also can be great exercise. You must take precautions and use the correct skills when rollerskating so that you don’t get hurt. By trying a few practice moves and some repetition, you can learn how to skate on rollerskates and also the correct ways to stop. Read this article to know how to stop on rollerskates. 

1. Begin to move your feet closer together, slowly, if you would like to stop while skating. Try to stop by beginning to bend your knees and putting some of your weight down. This should begin to slow you down so that you can come to a stop.
2. Try a move called the “T-Stop.” As you are skating, bring one of your skates behind your other skate as you horizontally create a “T.” This will help you stop slowly.
3. Find a wall or rail to hold on to if you are not moving at a fast pace. While skating, reach out to hold onto a rail or a wall. You will not be able to do this if you are moving quickly though, because it could cause you to fall. This step is only done if you are moving at a gradual pace.


4. Turn a 360 degree turn if you are an advanced Rollerblader. By turning at a quicker pace, this also allows you to stop abruptly in one place.
5. Keep trying the different ways to stop that are listed above. If you fall, just get up and try again until you find the correct way to stop that works for you.


How to Loosen Roller Skate Wheels
Loosening roller skate wheels, or tightening them, is a simple job. Roller skates consist of a boot attached to a “truck” that contains four wheels with ball bearings. The wheels are arranged in the same way as on a car, as opposed to inline skates, where the wheels form a blade shape. Roller skates generally are best for younger children leaning to skate, so tightening or loosening the wheels becomes a common job. You can tighten or loosen the tension nuts to vary the amount of control you need.



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