Answers to the most frequently asked questions:

02. Maintenance guide


How do I order Online?

To order online simply navigate the site to find the product that you are looking for by using the navigation bar on the left hand side of the screen. You can use the ‘Search’ function and find your product using keywords like ‘black inline skate’ to direct the search. Additionally you can use the product categories on the left hand side to find what you’re looking for. Once you have found all your item you can add them to your shopping cart by clicking the ‘ADD TO BASKET’ button on the page. Make sure that if there are any SIZE and COLOUR options to select with the product that you have chosen what you want. You can view the contents of your shopping cart at any time by clicking the ‘CART’ button at the top right hand side of the screen.Once you have all the items in your shopping cart use the ‘Checkout’ button which will take you to the Shipping and Billing screen. Here you will enter the address that you wish the product to be shipped to, as well as the ‘Billing Address’ – the address where the bills for the credit or debit card are sent. You can select your shipping method and verify all the items in your cart before finalizing the order. If you are paying using PayPal, under the ‘Payment Method’ section select ‘PayPal’, if you are paying by bank transfer please select ‘Bank Transfer’ option before clicking the ‘Place Order Button’.

How do I order by phone?

Feel free to phone in any order by calling 0789 2428 948 and our dedicated staff of skaters will assist you in placing the order. You can pay over the phone with any major credit card.

How can I pay for an order?

We accept all major credit cards: Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover. We also accept PayPal and bank transfer payments.

I can't find a particular product on your site, how can I find it?

With all the product that we carry at our shop it’s hard to have EVERYTHING up on the website. If there is a particular item that you cannot locate on the site feel free to ask us by calling or emailing us and we can check on the stock of any product.

How do I check my order status?

You can check your order status two ways. The first being to log onto the and clicking on the ‘My Account’ Button on the top right hand corner. Please note that if you plan on changing or updating ANYTHING on a CURRENT order you have to call us. Any changes made online to current may not be reflected on the actual order. The second option for checking your order status is to call us and to speak to one of our staff who will let you know exactly what is going on with your order.

I can't find my size for an item online, what can I do?

If you are looking to buy an item and your size is not online it is out of inventory. Items such as skates, frames and wheels are easily restocked and if you give us a call we can let you know how quickly we can get the item back in stock and set up an order for you.

An item says -Pre-Order-, what does that mean?

Any items marked “Pre-Order” are not in stock yet, but by purchasing a pre-order item you will be guaranteed the first of the shipment that arrives. Items marked for Pre-Order are usually limited in quantity by the manufacturer and high in demand with customers, thats why if you want to secure the product and not run the risk of it selling out it is a good idea to pre-order.

It is advised that if you plan on ordering both ‘Pre-Order’ items and well as items in stock, that you place a separate order for the Pre-Order so that the other items are not held up waiting for the Pre-Order items. Call us with any questions concerning pre-order items. We often post the estimated time of arrival for pre-orders, these are estimates given to us by the manufacturer as to when we can expect the product – there is no guarantee that the item will arrive by that date. We do our best to update the ETA but it is ultimately up the manufacturer when the product will arrive. Usually that will not take longer then 7 working days.

What is your return policy?

Please check out our terms of sale page for all the information on how to return goods HERE.

My item is faulty. What do I do?

In the unfortunate event that you have received an item you believe to be faulty please check the following before returning your goods.If there is a manual please check this thoroughly to ensure the correct operation of the product. If the fault persists please email sales(@) with a description of the fault and your order number. If you could also attach a photo of the area this could help speed up the process a great deal.

Alternatively please call to discuss this with our Customer Service Team on 0789 2428 948. Please then await further instruction in reply from a member of our sales team. Emails are usually answered within 24 working hours. If the product has been used we are obliged to repair or replace the item. A refund will only be processed in exceptional circumastances.

We will NOT accept returns if;

The item has been visibly used or worn.
The item is marked or dirty in any way.
The packaging has been lost, thrown away or damaged.
The item has been damaged in return transit due to insufficient packaging.
The item is over the 7 day returns period
Weight/size restrictions mean larger items cannot use the Interlink Service. Typically these will be products 9kg or more and/or package size greater than 60cm x 50cm x 50cm. In this instance you will need to return the item via courier at your own cost.

In the rare circumstance you have received an incorrect item, please inform us within 24 hours of receipt and do not use/wear the item you have received.

Please note that footwear that has been used for Skating is not covered under warranty. The roller blades sold for skating do feature elements to help make them more durable for the sport but they are not impervious to damage caused by grip tape, braking or attempting tricks.

For more informations how to return/exchange the item, please click here.

How long do I have to return my items?

Here at Raven Roller Blades we offer a 7 day exchange policy that commences upon the day you receive your goods. Within this time you can return your unused/unworn goods for different size or model exchange. Exchanges are available for the full 7 day period. Please note that goods that are returned after the 7 day period will be returned to you unless exceptional circumstances apply.

For more informations how to return/exchange the item, please click here.

Can I return my product under warranty?

All products will come with a limited manufacturer warranty, most of the time this information will be with the product. Please check this information as some manufacturers will ask that you contact them directly. In most cases however you would be asked to contact the retailer.

In the event that you feel you can claim under the warranty we would ask that you email us with a description of the issue, your order number and preferably a photograph illustrating the issue.

In some cases we may be required to contact the manufacturer for their expert opinion before a decision is made.

We may also ask that a product is returned to us for inspection and if a fault can be repaired, or damaged part replaced we are obliged to do this and return the product to you.

Please note that footwear that has been used for Skating is not covered under warranty. The boots sold for skating do feature elements to help make them more durable for the sport but they are not impervious to damage caused by grip tape, braking and attempting tricks.

For more informations how to return/exchange the item, please click here.

I need to return an item from outside the UK.

Unfortunately we cannot offer free returns on orders. You would need to return your item to the returns address above at your own cost.

For more informations how to return/exchange the item, please click here.


What are your shipping options?

We offer a wide selection of shipping options through our preferred carrier DHL Express & DPD. We offer Next Day Delivery as a standard delivery option. We also ships using DPD for international orders or special circumstances that warrant alternative methods of shipping. If you need your package by a specific time and are concerned about what shipping method to use please call us and one of our staff members will assist you in making the proper choice. Weekends and holidays are not included when calculating shipping time. For additional information check out our shipping page HERE.

How much is shipping?

To find out how EXACTLY much shipping will be is to add the item(s) that you would like to purchase to your shopping cart. Then once you have everything you want select your country and shipping method and it will give you your exact cost. Again this is very easy and you can do it all with out creating an account or purchasing anything.

Do you ship internationally?

 Yes, absolutely. We service many countries worldwide in order to get the right product into the hands of the people that need it. We recommend that when placing an international order online that you choose UPS, DPD or TNT as the shipping method as it is fast and INSURED as opposed to other cheaper methods that may ship your package uninsured though many different carriers. Unfortunately we do not ship to Venezuela, Nigeria or Ghana.

If I am ordering Internationally can you mark my package as a 'Gift' for customs?

No, unfortunately we cannot, as the nature of our exporting of for Sales we can’t mark our packages as gifts. We do however devalue the customs invoice for all international shipments so any customs taxes will be reduced.

How much will custom's import taxes be?

The amount of custom’s import tax varies with the pounds value of the order and your country. We are unable to get an estimate for these taxes.


What 'ABEC' means?


Bearing rating is by ABEC (Annular Bearing Engineering Council) with ratings from 1-7, the higher the number the stricter the manufacturing tolerances and the more precisely the bearing is made – meaning they reduce friction, last longer and skate better. We use ABEC7 bearings which are considered the best quality skate bearings – many inferior skates will use ‘precision’ bearings that are not even of ABEC1 standard.

What wheel hardness '78A' mean?


Wheel hardness is on a ‘wheel Durometer’ scale from 0A to 100A, with 0A being extremely soft and 100A extremely hard. The softer the wheels the more quickly they will degrade, but the more grip and shock absorption they will provide. If the wheel softness is below 68A they will wear down far too fast. For recreational skating you should be looking for something between 78A and 84A to give you the ideal grip and durability. Our skates come with 80A wheels that are perfect for recreational skating, offering you the best grip and durability.

Weight restrictions for Raven Roller Blades Models

Please note there are weight restrictions with every model supplied and these are as follows:

1. Models for children up to maximum of 60kgs.
(Raven Quinny, Raven Racer, Screw Lilly, Screw Graft, Screw Funky, Screw Persuit, Screw Sweety, Screw Titan)

2. Models with plastic composite frame up to maximum 70kgs.
(Raven Stella, Raven Laguna, Raven Rock Star, Screw Riot, Screw Bella, Screw Satine, Screw Lucy)

3. Models with aluminium adjustable frame up to maximum of 80kgs.
(Raven Twister, Raven Luna, Raven Fazer, Raven Fusion, Raven Phoenix, Raven Venus, Raven Zoom, Raven Profession, Raven Fazer, Raven Pulse, Raven High Flyer)

4. Models with aluminium adjustable frame up to maximum of 90kgs. (Raven Black Jack, Raven Expert, Raven Team)
5. Models with aluminium non adjustable frame up to maximum of 110kgs.


How do I get a price match?

Please read the conditions below and call to price match and have the competitors website address ready so our sales person can compare the match. If successful the order can then be processed in full over the phone.

The website that the match is to be made against must have the goods in stock. When comparing footware/clothing the size must be in stock.
The goods must be identical in every way.
The quoted price of the competitor must include shipping and tax charges.
We are unable to match against websites outside of the United Kingdom, sites selling bankrupt stock or any 3rd party auction site such as Amazon or eBay.
The price match offer is not a binding contract until payment has been completed, and Grape Creativity Ltd reserve the right to refuse pricematching at our discretion.

Can I get sponsored?

If you are trying to get sponsored send us a CD/DVD with a video edit for our review. Any items sent will not be returned. Additionally you should submit your video edit to as many companies you can, participate in local competitions and network as much with other skaters as you can. Be positive, be involved and stay dedicated.

Can I get some free stuff?

We try to include free stickers and any other promotional materials that we have around the warehouse in outgoing orders. Keep your eyes peeled for contests and additional promotions on the site.

Can you carry my clothing brand?

Any brands looking to be considered please send us a catalog or line sheet with any samples for our review. We will contact you if we are interested.