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How to get bearings out of rollerblade wheels?

How to get bearings out of roller skate wheels? Inline skate bearings are located between the wheels and the axles. The bearings wear out over time and may need to be replaced, though the more expensive, high-quality bearings may actually outlast the rest of the skate. Bearings must also be removed to be lubricated and …

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How to change in-line skate wheels?

How to change in-line skate wheels? Do your skates no longer take instructions from your legs? Do they wobble and vibrate? It probably means you need to replace the wheels. A new set is easy to install and will make your skates as good as new.

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how to clean rollerblade bearings

How to clean roller skate wheels? Dirt, dust and grime interfere with roller skate wheels and skate bearings. Some skate manufacturers create “clearances and tolerances considerably smaller than 1/1000th of an inch,” which means a human hair can interfere with speed, according to Shop4Skates. As a result, keeping your roller skate wheels clean is an …

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