How to change in-line skate wheels?

Do your skates no longer take instructions from your legs? Do they wobble and vibrate? It probably means you need to replace the wheels. A new set is easy to install and will make your skates as good as new.

How to change in-line skate wheels?

Things You’ll Need

  • Replacement Wheels
  • Adjustable Wrench
  • Allen (hex) Wrench Set


1. Remove the bolt running through the center of each old wheel. Using an adjustable wrench, grasp the nut on the end of the bolt. Turn the other end of the bolt with an Allen (hex) wrench (see A).
2. Pull the bolt free and remove the wheel. Take care not to lose any plastic spacers that may be beside each wheel.
3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for the other wheels.
4. Inspect your new wheels for wheel bearings (silver disks in the center of each wheel). If these are included, the new wheels are ready to be installed.
5. If your new wheels do not include wheel bearings, transfer your existing wheel bearings to the new wheels. There are two bearings in each wheel, one on each side (see B). Remove the bearings by popping them free with the end of an Allen (hex) wrench. Again, take care not to lose any spacers that may be held between the bearings.
6. Install the bearings into the new wheels by pushing them into place with your fingers. Be sure to include any spacers.
7. Slide the wheels into place on the skate. Insert a wheel bolt through each wheel. Place a nut on each bolt and tighten with the adjustable wrench and Allen (hex) wrench. Make sure that the wheel bolts are securely tightened but the wheels spin freely. If a wheel does not spin freely, loosen the wheel bolt very slightly. If the wheel bolt is loose and the wheel still fails to spin freely, remove the wheel and check for proper installation of the bearings.


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