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How to rollerblade for beginners?

How to rollerskate for beginners? Your first inline-skating lesson shouldn’t be too complicated; don’t expect to be speed-skating around deadly curves on your first try. What you can expect to learn is how to skate gently forward, remaining steady and upright and, maybe most importantly, how to stop skating. Once you’ve mastered these basics, you’ll …

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How to stop on rollerskates without brakes?

How to stop on rollerskating without brakes? In the world of inline skating, being able to skate fast or turn quickly takes a back seat to the most important skill of all — stopping quickly and safely when faced with an obstacle. Most recreational skates come with a heel stopper you can use to brake, …

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Tips on learning how to rollerblade

Tips on learning how to roller skate.   Whether for fitness or fun, rollerblading has serious benefits. You’ll get a higher heart rate for cardio activity, spend time outside, and may just find a new hobby. Of course, there aren’t training wheels for rollerblades. You’ll need to start slow and practice your technique before you …

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How long does it take to rollerblade one mile?

How long does it take to roller skate one mile? Some people inline skate for fitness without worrying about the numbers, but racers, fitness lovers and curious others are more prone to fuss about figures. This might include tracking overall speed, distance and improvements made from one workout to the next. If you’re a racer …

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How to slow down when rollerskating

How to slow down when rollerskating? Whether you call it rollerblading or inline skating, the enjoyment you can get out of this recreational activity is endless. If you’re just beginning to learn to inline skate, one of the most important skills you will need is the ability to slow down, which can be done using …

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How to rollerblade downhill

How to rollerskate downhill? After mastering the basics of inline skating, you will have to learn how to skate down hills, which are a normal occurrence in most areas and at times unavoidable. Skaters have been clocked going as fast as 75 miles per hour, according to the Inline Online website, so being prepared with …

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Have you made these beginner inline skating mistakes

Have you made these beginner inline skating mistakes? Everyone was a beginner at something one time or another, and although the learning curve can be steep for some sports, inline skating is an easy activity to pick up and excel at. Just make sure you don’t make these beginner mistakes and you’ll be on a …

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Quick tips for a skating experience

Quick tips for a skating experience. Skating to Get Fit or Stay Fit. Skating for fitness is the reason why many people choose to skate. Which, by the way, is a really great reason!

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