How to slow down when rollerskating?

Whether you call it rollerblading or inline skating, the enjoyment you can get out of this recreational activity is endless. If you’re just beginning to learn to inline skate, one of the most important skills you will need is the ability to slow down, which can be done using the t-stopping method. Learning to decelerate by practicing on a flat surface will not only help keep you safe, but allow you to have much more fun on your skates.

How to slow down when rollerskating?

Step 1
Push off on your skates to reaching a moderate to fast speed.

Step 2
Place your hands on your knees to lower your center of gravity.

Step 3
Balance your weight equally on both legs, keeping them shoulder-width apart.

Step 4
Lean forward and let your front knee bend a little more than usual.

Step 5
Kick off gently with your back foot once you have a “skate and a half” width distance between your skates — or about one long stride and a half gap between your leading and trailing feet. Keep your weight shifted forward.

Step 6
Keep your back leg “light” for about 3 feet, maintaining a center edge on the front wheels.

Inline skating without a helmet can cause serious injury. Always wear proper equipment.

If your skates are equipped with heel brakes, those will also help you slow down.


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