The manufacturing process of roller blades

Separate companies worldwide manufacture the individual in-line skate components. For example, manufacturers of skate-board wheels also make in-line skate wheels. Another company makes the boot shell and chassis; another manufacturer provides the braking system. In-line skates are manufactured using an assembly line process whereby all components move down a conveyor belt and are assembled piece by piece.

The manufacturing process of roller blades :

Parts of In-Line Skates
The modern in-line skate has polyurethane wheels aligned on a strip or truck (chassis) made out of plastic or light aluminum. The truck holds the wheels in place with bolts, and on some models the wheels can be detached and changed. The truck is attached to a molded boot, also made of polyurethane, which holds the buckles (made out of plastic, velcro straps, or cloth laces). Some in-line boot shells are leather or a combination of leather and polyurethane plastic. The brakes are made of hard rubber or polyurethane and are located on the back of the skate.


The boots are designed to provide good ankle support by extending 3-4 inches (7-10 cm) above the ankle joint. The upper and lower portions of the boot are connected on each side of the ankle by a hinge system that allows the ankle to flex. For additional comfort, boots are lined with material that absorbs sweat, usually high-density foam covered with nylon clots. Wheels vary in hardness (durometer) and size (diameter). Generally, the harder the wheels, the faster the skates. Wheels have two ball bearings per wheel that are separated by a spacer of either plastic or metal. Bearings help the wheels spin faster and more freely. The spacer helps prevent the bearings from making contact with each other.


Raw Materials
The in-line skate is a product of modern technology. High-grade polyurethane, copolymer plastics, or carbon fiber Kevlar (material used to make bulletproof vests) are used to make the majority of in-line skating shells or boots. Wheels are also made of polyurethane. Harder nylon or urethane plastic or steel is used for the chassis and brake components. Frames that hold the wheels can be made of aluminum, carbon fiber, or titanium. Cloth or plastic foam is used to line the inside of the boot. Steel is also used for ball bearings, buckles, and other attachments on the in-line skate itself.


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