The best women’s roller skates.

The first inline skates were invented in the 1700s in Holland, According to Skate FAQs, to give people a summertime equivalent to wintertime ice skating. In 1980, two ice hockey players created the Rollerblade company, taking an old inline skate and transforming it into a modern version by using a hockey boot and rubber heel brake. The best rollerblades offer you high levels of comfort, fit, maneuverability and safety in a skate specifically designed for your favorite rollerblading activity.

The best women’s roller skates:

Types of Roller Skates
Recreational rollerblades, also know as fitness skates, are designed for beginning roller skates or those who want more control or flexibility. As Inline Warehouse explains, other types of rollerblades are designed for cross-training purposes, marathon skating, trick skating or speed skating. Beginning rollerblades sport smaller wheels and higher cut boots to provide more control and safer speeds. A high-end speed rollerblade is distinguished by low cut boots and bigger wheels for maximum velocity.

Fit Features
The best rollerblades for women are described by “Consumer Search” as speedy, comfortable and well balanced. You want a roller skate with excellent shock absorption and a lacing system that seldom loosens, but tightens easily, – even when you’re on the move. If you aren’t a speed demon, you’ll want features, such as a 4-wheel instead of 5-wheel rollerblade, that give you an easier-to-control ride. For trick riders, a wide sole plate makes it easier to perform stunts. For max speed, a lightweight boot works best.

Fit For Females
Almost all rollerblading companies make models particularly for women, although some produce unisex skates. According to Dick’s Sporting Goods, women’s rollerblades are “similar in every way to the men’s version.” However, Inline Warehouse notes that women’s rollerblades are often constructed to account for common variations between men and women in the arch, side and ball of the foot. But these are generalities — the best rollerblade for you is one that fits snugly and comfortably throughout the ride.

Individual Preferences
The best skate for you might be a brand new model or a discontinued model at a bargain price. As of 2015, rollerblades can cost from £40 to well over £300. You’ll want to try on lots of different rollerblades to find the perfect fit, especially since the sizes of one brand don’t always exactly match the sizes of another. In addition to the right rollerblades, protect yourself from injury with a good helmet, hard plastic knee pads, wrist guards and elbow pads.


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