The best roller skates for exercise.

Rollerblading, or inline skating as it is also called, provides a calorie-burning workout that can help to enhance your balance, coordination and agility. Certain aspects of rollerblades made for fitness use can differ per model or manufacturer; the best recreational roller skates are made with sturdy frames that provide support and control.

The best roller skates for exercise:

Support System
The best roller skates for fitness are those designed with the recreational skater in mind, who typically rides on flat surfaces like pavement and concrete. The frames should be harder and heavier for maximum control and protection while working out for 30 to 60 minutes. Look for uppers that consist of a durable synthetic material that provides plenty of support and comfort for the ankles, which can allow you to skate for longer periods of time, thus increasing your calorie burn and maximizing muscle growth. Buckle closures will keep your feet more securely in place than laces; the latter of which can easily loosen and interrupt your skating session. Mid-range wheels, at around 70 to 80 millimeters, are best for controlling your speed and being able to stop when necessary.

The Best Fit
The ideal fitting rollerblades for recreational use are those that are snug without being uncomfortably tight or pinching your feet; uncomfortable rollerblades may deter you from working out and reaching your fitness goals. Skates that are too big can compromise your stability and may lead to injuries, while those that are too small can be painful and impair your ability to control your movements. Try several different pairs of rollerblades on to find the best brand and model for your particular foot.


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