Quick tips for a skating experience.

Skating to Get Fit or Stay Fit.
Skating for fitness is the reason why many people choose to skate. Which, by the way, is a really great reason!

Skating is not only great to help sculpt and shape the leg, gluts, back and abs muscles, but it is an “easy-on-the-joints” workout that can improve cardiovascular respiratory function, strength and endurance and help change body composition. Skating takes us out of the fitness center and allows us to move freely into beautiful (think parks) or exciting (think city/urban) outdoor settings.


Quick tips for a skating experience:

A Good Pair of Skates
To start your training you will need a good pair of skates. When it comes to skates, for the most part, “you get what you pay for” and it is best to find a pair that fit properly and are of high quality. For just starting out I suggest the Rollerblade® Spark or Activa Crossfire skate.


Mastering the Basics
The success of any fitness routine is based on one’s ability to carry it out. So where do you start? Mastering some of the basics of moving, stopping, and turning will give you the confidence to take your skating to the parks and streets where you can skate for longer periods of time improving your level of fitness. Start in places where you will have the freedom of acceleration and most important taking your time to learn how to slow down and stop. (Empty parkings, cycling roads, large tracks).
Slowly building your confidence in negotiating your surroundings while on skates will help ensure that your time on skates is safe and enjoyable.
Skating is an efficient, fun, and easy to fit in a schedule workout that will boost your metabolism and make you burn a large number of calories. Take the time to become familiar with the basics of moving and controlling your speed and you will be amazed by how much fun a great workout can be!

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Written by Raven Inline Skates