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How to slow down when rollerskating

How to slow down when rollerskating? Whether you call it rollerblading or inline skating, the enjoyment you can get out of this recreational activity is endless. If you’re just beginning to learn to inline skate, one of the most important skills you will need is the ability to slow down, which can be done using …

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The best women's roller skates

The best women’s roller skates. The first inline skates were invented in the 1700s in Holland, According to Skate FAQs, to give people a summertime equivalent to wintertime ice skating. In 1980, two ice hockey players created the Rollerblade company, taking an old inline skate and transforming it into a modern version by using a …

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The best rollerblades for exercise

The best roller skates for exercise. Rollerblading, or inline skating as it is also called, provides a calorie-burning workout that can help to enhance your balance, coordination and agility. Certain aspects of rollerblades made for fitness use can differ per model or manufacturer; the best recreational roller skates are made with sturdy frames that provide …

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How to rollerblade downhill

How to rollerskate downhill? After mastering the basics of inline skating, you will have to learn how to skate down hills, which are a normal occurrence in most areas and at times unavoidable. Skaters have been clocked going as fast as 75 miles per hour, according to the Inline Online website, so being prepared with …

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What does rollerskating do for your body

What does rollerskating do for your body? Rollerskating or inline skating experienced an increase in popularity during the 1990s. Rollerskating can be used as an alternative outdoor aerobic activity to cycling or jogging. Not only can use lose weight through regular rollerskating sessions, but you can also work the muscles in your lower body. Wear …

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can you lose weight by rollerskating

Can you lose weight by rollerskating? Rollerskating is a low-impact exercise activity that utilizes inline skates and requires you to use your legs to propel yourself forward. There are many health benefits to consistently rollerblading, such as building cardiovascular fitness and burning calories. It offers an effective exercise option for those who don’t necessarily enjoy …

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The best bearings for roller skates

The best bearings for roller skates. Good bearings are an integral part of any inline skate; they’re the interface between your wheels and the rest of the skate. As a general rule, oiled and shielded inline skate bearings with a rating of ABEC-7 or -9 will give you the best performance – but that doesn’t …

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Top 10 inline skates

Top 10 inline skates. Inline skates come in several different varieties depending upon their intended use, including recreational, fitness, hockey, aggressive and speed skating. Finding the top-rated models in each category can be done by researching the overall quality and popularity of a skate. Because skates have a different fit and “feel” for everyone, it’s …

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