How to buy inline skates in the right size?


When you are buying roller skates, it is important to buy the right size. If your roller skates are too big or too small, your feet will be uncomfortable and you will not have the same amount of control that you would have in a properly fitted skate. That will make your skating experience less pleasant, and you even could end up getting hurt. The best way to see if a pair of roller skates fits you correctly is to try them on before you buy.


Instructions how to buy roller skates in the right size?
1. Start by trying on roller blades in the same size as the shoes you normally buy. Typically roller blades fit in the same size as your shoe size. But, just as with other footwear, the fit can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.
2. Kick the heel of the roller blade on the floor once your foot is in the skate. This ensures that the heel of your foot is securely in the heel pocket of the roller skates.
3. Lace the skates up, and then stand in them. Your heel should still be positioned deep in the heel pocket, and your toes should barely touch the end of the toe box when you are standing in the roller blades.
4. Bend forward into a skating stance. In properly fitted roller blades, your toes will pull back slightly from the toe box. Your toes should not be cramped or too loose in the toe box.


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