How to change frames on inline skates?

Inline skating, also referred to as rollerblading, is a popular recreation and is great for fitness. These skates, unlike conventional skates, have their wheel setup in line on a frame bolted to the skate boot. Over time and use, wheels, bearings, and even the frame itself may need maintenance or repair. One common problem associated with inline skating is having a loose or improper frame alignment. This is typically an easy fix, or you can replace the frame completely using simple tools.

How to change frames on inline skates?


Things You’ll Need

  • Allen key screwdrivers
  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Hammer


1. Remove all wheels by unscrewing the Allen-key screw bolts holding the wheels in place.
2. Locate the large center screw securing the frame to the boot. Remove this screw using an Allen key.
3. Remove all screws securing the sides of the frame to the boot. You may have six or more of these screws–some may be Allen key screws, or Philips head.
4. Hold a flathead screwdriver at the top of the frame, in between the frame and the boot, then firmly pry off the frame by using the flathead screwdriver as a lever.
5. Set the new frame onto the boot, and line up the screw holes. Screw in the center screw tight, then use a hammer and lightly tap the front and back of the frame to seat the frame onto the boot. Replace the remaining screws and wheels, then enjoy skating.


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