How to make a roller skate ankle strap?

Roller skates, inline or quad, use laces, ratchet straps and Velcro to adjust and tighten around ankles, calves and feet. If you have a pair of skates and need extra support, make a set of ankle straps that go on and off quickly and with little fuss. An ankle strap secures the skate boot tighter around the ankle-joint, providing needed support should you have weak ankles. There is no need to get intricate as simple in this case is the way to go.


How to make a roller skate ankle strap?


  1. Slip into the socks you typically wear for skating. Slide into the skates and tighten as normal.
  2. Wrap the Velcro around an ankle section on the skate’s boot. Some skates have dedicated slits or threaded buckles for an ankle strap. If your skates have this, thread the Velcro through the slit. Pull the Velcro as tight as possible, mark this point, then cut it two to three inches longer than the wrap distance. Do the same for the other skate ankle point.
  3. Hold the cut ends of the Velcro under a lighter flame to melt any stray ends or strands. This also prevents further frays.
  4. Slide the ankle straps back through the dedicated slit if you boots are so equipped. If your boots don’t have a slit, thread one end through a slider buckle. Keep the straps together and when ready to skate, wrap around the ankle, and thread the strap end through the buckle, then tighten as needed.

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Written by Raven Inline Skates