How to loosen roller skate wheels?

Loosening roller skate wheels, or tightening them, is a simple job. Roller skates consist of a boot attached to a “truck” that contains four wheels with ball bearings.

The wheels are arranged in the same way as on a car, as opposed to inline skates, where the wheels form a blade shape. Roller skates generally are best for younger children leaning to skate, so tightening or loosening the wheels becomes a common job. You can tighten or loosen the tension nuts to vary the amount of control you need.


How to Loosen Roller Skate Wheels
1. Turn over the skate so it is wheel-side up. Find the external tension nuts. There will be one at each end of the wheel axles.
2. Use a socket wrench set. The typical socket size needed to loosen skate wheels is 1 1/16-inch, but skate models vary.
3. Attach the wrench to the bolt, and turn the handle back and forth until the nut reaches the desired tension.
4. Aim for a medium level of tightness. Test it with your fingers once you have finished with the wrench. Loosen or tighten as desired.
5. Repeat Steps 3 and 4 on the remaining three nuts, then try on the skate. If it feels comfortable, repeat the entire process on the second skate truck.


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