Do you burn more calories jogging or rollerskating?

Both jogging and rollerskating are activities that will help you burn calories and increase your fitness. When it comes to burning the most calories, jogging is almost always the winner. However, your pace, the degree of incline and the amount of time you spend on each exercise will effect your total calorie burn. You will know from this article do you burn more calories jogging or rollerblading? 

When you jog, there is a fraction of a second during each step when both feet are off the ground. This forces the body to use more energy per unit of distance and is one of the reasons why jogging typically burns more calories than rollerblading. Another reason is that you’re constantly working when you jog whether you’re jogging on level ground or up and down hills. During rollerblading, however, you have a short break every time you coast down a hill.

Calories Burned Jogging
For a 150-lb. person, jogging at 6 mph, or a 10- minute mile pace, will burn 720 calories per hour. Heavier people will burn more calories, and lighter people will burn fewer. Likewise, if you jog faster than six miles per hour, you’ll be burning more calories. Jog slower and you’ll burn slightly fewer.

Calories Burned Rollerskating
Rollerblading for one hour at 10 miles per hour will burn about 528 calories for a 150-lb. person. Jogging for the same amount of time burns approximately 192 additional calories. Even though rollerbladers typically move faster than joggers, they’re gliding rather than jumping, making the exercise more efficient for the body, and thus burning fewer calories.

Increase the Burn
For rollerbladers seeking a calorie-blasting workout, try rollerblading faster. You’ll have to rollerblade at 12 mph, or a 5-minute mile pace, to match the calorie burn of a jogger moving at 6 mph. If you enjoy rollerblading, don’t give it up because it burns fewer calories. You’re more likely to work out frequently if you enjoy the exercise you’re performing. Instead, try alternating jogging with rollerblading or choose challenging hilly courses to maximize your calorie burn.

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